Friday, 2 March 2018

Welcome Back Everyone !

Hello all ! I am proud to be announcing that I am coming back to my blog full force! I must say how I have missed blogging and it was always something I looked forward to planning and doing every single day. Writing was always my stronghold in school, a and was always the crazy one overjoyed when I knew we would have essay questions on exams and tests. I promise I am not an alien, I just really love English and Literature 😁

As you can tell I am currently in the middle of updating EVERYTHING, so I apologize for it being quite messy and roughly out of place.

My leave of absence was unplanned, but that is life in all it's fine beauty. It throw's you down a path of twists and turns, dead-ends, and turmoil, but also into a world of love, laughter, and precious moments. Since then we have moved 3 times, yes I agree it is crazy and hectic to move even once, but we have become professionals in the midst of it all. You give me boxes, a bottle of wine and a packing tape gun, I got you covered. 

Since then we have had 2 more beautiful, exuberant children. The girls have started school, Makayla is in grade one (oh lord, stop growing) and Charlotte is in SK (JUST STOP). Owen will be 3 years old in just 2 short awful months (stay little forever please!) We also had a pet pig. And he was WONDERFUL! Until we were moving (3rd time) and decided to start eating our freshly completed renovations, so we sold him to a lady with a large property wayyyyy (like 3 hours) outside town who wanted to breed him and by golly he will probably make the cutest piglets ever and enjoy having so much free space to run and be a free little piggie! The last few years have been astoundingly amazing.There was only one major event that was upsetting, and was the passing of my beloved grandmother. She was the most influential person to me growing up. I loved the car rides to her house. The werthers candies she shoved in our pockets by the handfuls as we left, and just her overall positive optimistic outlook on life. She was loved by everyone who knew her and who's heart she touched. But at 103 (I kid you not!) it was to be expected that last year would be her last with us, and I am so honestly grateful and thankful for all the time, holidays and days spent watching her smile and be apart of our childs lives also, that she lived to see so many grandchildren just adore her. *sobbing relentlessly now*

BUT.. on a lighter note, some exciting news! Kyle and I are finally getting married! After planning for so long, some financial struggles, 3 kids, and moves we just kept pushing it back because we had other priorities of more importance. Come October 13th 2018 that will change! We have already planned so much, and cannot be more thrilled to marry my best friend 💘

Now prepare yourselves for the ultimate come-back! I am SOOOOOO much planned already. So many amazing great things are coming to artsy fartsy annie you can bet your bottom dollar! Printables, freebies, tutorials, DIY'S, Decor and more! It will knock your socks off I am already itching with excitement and holding back not trying to post everything all at once haha this weekend will be getting back into the swing of thing and stay tuned for my FIRST comeback post MONDAY morning! 


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