Monday, 5 May 2014

Momma Monday: 6 Toddler Friendly Snacks for Traveling

We've all been there. The dreaded long car rides where you get 5 minutes down the road and the children in the backseat are already wanting food. But stopping at the golden arches or getting a box of tim bits can get quite costly especially on long car trips. So pack up the cooler and get out your zip lock bags, because here are 6 great snack foods that aren't messy, healthy, and easy to prepare before you hit your destination.


This combo is a sure fire way to keep the little ones at bay for a while. I usually get cookie cutters and cut out cool shapes of the meat and cheese so that it's something different. Or you can cut the cheese into easy pick-up cubes for little fingers, use string cheese, and even add in some crackers for something crunchy.


My kids love trail mix, and because you can either buy it at a bulk food store, or make it yourself, it makes for a great snack on the go. You can use dried fruit pieces, nuts, chocolate chips, pretzels, etc. to suit the wants of whoever is eating it.


Also another huge hit. I use carrots, cucumbers, celery, berries, banana, apple slices, grapes, you name it you can put it in a baggie or little snack box and they'll be happy.


Opt out for the chocolate covered, ooey gooey caramel filled ones and you'll have a snack full of fiber, easy to eat and will keep them full until you reach your destination. You can also find great recipes online to make your own granola bars :)


Huge hit with my kids. They love PB&J so i make a bunch of those and throw in some deli meat & cheese slices in another, and its like a mini lunch that doesn't make hardly any mess (give or take some crumbs) and will leave them satiated.


Last but not least. Fill up those little snack packs with cereal like cheerios, fruit loops, lucky charms, reese puffs, mini wheats, you name it. I opt out for only fruit loops & cheerios because there not full of lots of sugar, and even if they drop some they don't break into a gazillion crumbs everywhere.

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