Monday, 5 March 2018

Momma Monday - How to keep your sanity while raising kids

I can relate to so many other parents out there that the most on-going struggle these days (especially with the youngin's) is to teach them how to be kind to one another, mind your manners, don't forget to say please and thank-you, to do their chores and so on. At least keep a little composure and act like well put together little individuals when need be.

Enter: THE FAMILY RULES! I have tried A LOT of rewards systems, charts, diagrams, you name it for potty training, reminding the kids of chores, etc. Lately my husband and I have been having to do quite a bit of reminding when it comes to behaving for what is acceptable and what is unacceptable and the reason that we have rules to begin with. They are to teach us, to guide us, and to keep us safe. If we do not follow the rules, then we are putting others safety and well being at risk, which could be physically and even emotionally.

Yesterday I compiled some simple, yet powerful rules that have now been put in place in our home. With these rules I paired them with scripture, since we are trying to teach the kids the word of God and how we can use it to guide us in the right direction that we need to be.

I have yet to find a nice frame to put ours in as I just made it yesterday, which means a trip to the dollar store is in order! My husband is at work right now but I'm pretty sure I just heard him groan and shake his head at me *snickers*

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