Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Grocery App EVERYONE Needs!

As we all know, a healthy lifestyle and weight loss doesn't just consist of exercise. It begins in the kitchen. If you ate like a pig but went to the gym for an hour a day, kudos, but you wouldn't see much of an improvement in your overall health or well being. Unless your one of those people, who like my husband, have an incredibly high metabolism and food disintegrates before it even makes it past your esophagus and you can eat all the crap you want, enjoy it while it lasts. Because i'll be one of those who laughs when you turn 30/40 and get really fat. Ugh, so fat :) haha

I'm a stay at home mom. Trying to find time to make a proper healthy meal that my kids will eat and enjoy at the same time can be very limiting. I do a lot of make a head meals, and they are a godsend. Seriously, they have saved my life, and am forever in-debt to pinterest&blogger for finding these amazing people who posted such incredible ideas. Spend 5 hours a day cooking to make 1 - 2 months work of freezer meals so I only have to cook 30 - 60 minutes a night instead of 2 hours. WINNING!

I am also really bad for going to the grocery store and overspending. I do write a list, but its more of a rough guideline haha. I'm also very anal about how I shop. I have my list planned out with categories like produce, meat, dairy etc, and when someone gets me off track and I recheck my list and I've missed a bunch of things, I get angry and frustrated because not only did I miss items that are ESSENTIAL, I now have to spend another half hour back tracking to pick those items up. Not impressed. BUT, one day, I stumbled across the most amazing grocery app in the world. I will use this every time I shop, and nothing else. It's changed my life, and has saved me and my family SO much money on groceries that I feel like that woman off that IKEA commercial yelling to start the car! running with a shopping cart in red vibrant heels feeling like wonder woman :)

The app is called myShopi. you can download it for FREE for your android, tablet, iphone, ipad, anything that supports apps, it's free :) YIPPIE!
Now here's the functionality of the app:

Organize By Category
like beverages, produce, bakery, dairy, meat/butcher, incidentals etc. you can even organize by aisles!

Database of 1000 Predefined Items
 stuff like bread, milk, chicken, broccoli, and bananas. My favorite part about the database is you can add in any product you like to buy into the database and add a picture of that product either from google, your storage device, or take a picture of it. SO FREAKING COOL!

Track Your History
the app keeps track of frequently purchased items from previous grocery shops so you can backtrack to add them to your new list for next month, week, whatever. Also, you can add items to favorites, which is even quicker to add to new lists.

Multiple Lists
you can create a wide range of lists by the store and what they offer to person, etc. so you could get a grocery list for wal-mart or nofrills, or you can shop by person like your husband, or kids, or sister and add items that they want to their own specific lists. super duper awesome!

Send by E-mail & SMS
Seriously. It's just too good to be true. I do my BIG list on my Ipad, but i'm not going to lug around my ipad with my husband and two kids AND a cart to do grocery shopping, it's not just logical. So I send it to my email and when I click on the link, it gets sent directly to the myShopi app on my phone. Not to mention, you can send it to ANYONE who has the app downloaded. If you need someone to pick up something for you, send the list, BAM they go get your stuff.

Price Description
My other fav on this app. You can enter in the price of each item you want to purchase and you can buy by box, can, package, lb, g, kg, ml, l, etc, and it'll tell you how much your grocery list will cost (before taxes obviously)

This is a screenshot of what it looks like on an Iphone. You can see what categories are already in the database, along with the items in that category. Like look how much variety you have in just the fruits category, and you can add more! If you suck at grocery shopping and aren't a coupon fanatic this app could just change your life.

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