Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas Cookies and Icing

Christmas just isn't Christmas without tons if not hundreds of decorated sugar cookies. They are so delicious and go well with hot chocolate, cold milk, or just sneaking them by the handfuls in the kitchen to stuff in your face in your bedroom when nobodies looking. Yet I must confess... I SUCK at making sugar cookies. Horrible. My dough only turned out great once, then after that it was just all downhill. It was too soft, too hard, they burned too easily (or it was my fault i got distracted hehe) or something else went wrong. BUT I HAVE PREVAILED! thanks to Jessica @ The Novice Chef. Seriously, if you somehow managed to screw up your batch of cookies following this recipe, then by goodness you are SO much worse than me HAHA!

BUT, we all know that every sugar cookie isn't the same without that tasty sugar glace on top! The best one i've found (cause i've tried tons and tons) is this recipe from Cleverly Simple. You can even add a couple drops of liquid (not the gel kind) food coloring to make pretty colored sugar cookies. Now that you have the tools to do great baking, get out there and bake some cookies!!

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