Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Fashion Trend Tuesday: Momma Spring Trends for 2014

I am so glad that soon [i hope!] winter will be over and spring will be here. It's one of my favorite seasons. It's always so pretty outside with flowers blooming, animals waking up from their hibernation, trees growing back their foliage, and the nice sunny warm weather that slowly creeps in. I find every year I'm in the same predicament, I'm still stuck in the winter rut of big poofy jackets, sweaters, zillions of layers, scarfs, and big clunky boots, and when the weather gets warmer I'm still dressed like it's -40 outside haha.

Apparently the trendy colors for 2014 are bright pastels. I LOVE pastels. Not only do they subtly compliment anything you wear, but they add a pop of color and aren't overbearing. A lot of the looks this year are crop tops, fringe, bomber jackets, button down shirts, sheer, and exaggerated silhouettes like big boxy jackets, and huge flared pants. There's also florals, tea length skirts, and knit sweater cardigans [thin ones of course.]

Personally, a lot of the "trends" they post on the internet, or TV are WAY too out of this world for regular everyday life, or even the on-the-go mom. Like think about it, wearing big flare pants and a boxy jacket that makes you look like you should be on a runway instead of running around and yelling at your 4 kids to behave when your out in public isn't realistic.

Below are some outfits that are reasonable for spring, and for moms on the go! :)

- Trendy, yet not over the top. Also I would probably switch out the heels for some comfortable black flats

- this one is my favorite. i LOVE green, and it's just so simple, comfortable & classy, yet very casual :)

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