Monday 24 March 2014

Momma Monday: The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide & Daily Cleaning Schedule

It may still be frigid outside with -20 degree weather, and it may blizzard occasionally, but it's finally that time of year! SPRING! Where the snow melts and green grass takes it's place, and icy tree branches bud with new leaves and foliage. Where flowers begin to bloom and birds begin to sing. But with spring, comes spring cleaning. There are many people who dread this time, but me, I lavish in it. It's a secret of mine that I actually ENJOY (yes you read that correctly) cleaning. I love organizing. Yet you wouldn't think so because of the amount of toys, my husbands work gear, and nick nacks in absolutely every corner in every room. My family apparently doesn't like organizing. haha But I love going through every room, every space and throwing out junk, wiping down my decor and getting rid of those pesky little dust bunnies that decided to make the space behind our couch their home away from home through the winter. There is honestly so much to do, and never enough time, nor space to do it, especially with two little ones running around as well things will always be hectic. So I did a little researching, and came up with a massive list of stuff that is what I usually do every spring, and I have also supplied you with a daily cleaning list which I follow as if it were my bible, and my house went from disaster WW5 to just messy looking, which is as good as it'll get for right now Guaranteed.

Below is both printables, and I hope you enjoy and get rid of your junk this spring! For another person's trash is another person's treasure :)


Vee Semeghini said...

Thank you for the printables! I am about to start my spring cleaning and I will definitely use your guide!

Unknown said...

This is a great list! I am getting ready to, not only schedule my own spring cleaning, but also create a blog post about spring cleaning. I would love to include these lists in that post, of course with a link back to your blog.

Please let me know if this is acceptable! Hope to hear from you soon!

Olivia Dartnell said...

Thank you for the printables! It's a great schedule, so useful and clear. I'm now cleaning according to the daily/weekly/monthly page and next spring I'm organizing my spring cleaning according to the ultimate cleaning guide. Thank you for sharing it!

Nathan Riley said...

That list shared with us would come very handy in accomplishing Spring Cleaning tasks. It covers almost every part of the house, and those tasks for a specific area are arranged in an orderly manner for a better outcome. Well, it’s nice to know that you actually enjoy spring cleaning. I hope every year of it will be fun experience for you. Thanks for sharing!

Nathan Riley @ Steemer Atlanta