Sunday, 16 February 2014

Momma Monday: How to fold a fitted crib sheet

My obsession with fitted crib sheets has gotten the best of me since having two little girls. Not to mention the internet is my enabler when it comes to cute, bright, and colorful patterned bed spreads that you can match your bedding with everything and anything, or even mix and match :D Yet coming to the realization that most of the time my linen closet looks like a rumpled pile of sheets and bedspreads because trying to fold these suckers is super hard unless you know how to do it properly, which I`m trying to perfect, but with not much luck haha.

One day I decided to search on how to fold them properly. There`s only so much you can do to try and make them LOOK neat without them really being neat and tidy and easily stackable in your closet.

I came across this youtube video How To Fold A Fitted Sheet. By far changed my life, and it`s super easy to follow. It takes a couple of tries to actually get it right I kept losing my corners in the process of folding and felt like shredding them all, but after a while I got the hang of it :) Once you become a pro, the biggest demise of motherhood has been conquered :D good luck!

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