Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday: Top 10 [FREE] Weightloss Sites/Apps to keep you on track

Yeah, we've all been there. Where you feel bloated, like a beached whale, or even small and insignificant like a skeleton wearing skin to keep warm. You want to shed those unsightly pounds, or bulk up and become superman. Weight loss & Weight gain can be super difficult for a lot of people, and sometimes we're jealous of those people and compare ourselves to them. Take my husband for instance. He's in the process of bulking up, but his metabolism is SO high that anything he eats basically disintegrates before it touches the sides of his esophagus, yet you'd think he'd be 1200 lbs by now by what he eats. In baffles me to no end knowing that he could eat a extra double big mac meal with a coke from McDonald's and he'll lose weight. If I ate that, I'd be wearing it for the next 3 months. Bummer.

So here's a few helpful weight loss apps and gadgets you can use on your PC & Phone to keep you motivated to help you reach your weight goal :)

1. Lose It!
You've suffered the health effects of obesity for far too long. Now it's time to just Lose It! With this streamlined app you'll set a goal and a daily calorie allotment to help you meet it. Simply log your food and exercise information each day and you'll uncover a breakdown of your daily nutrients — protein, fat, carbs, and more — along with what you're losing. Since dieting is more effective with support, Lose It! also enables you to add friends for motivation.
  • I use this app :) and LOVE IT!
2. My Fitness Pal
Easy to use calorie counter, customizable database of over 1.5 million foods, nutritional information, quick and easy food and exercise data entry [including free bar code scanner ;) ] AND also has a customizable list of over 350 exercises, trackable calories burned, and social media sharing + a community page of forums and Q&A.
  • I use this app too haha
3. Diet Point
Full of lists for every time of diet meal plan you could think like smoothies, flat belly, low-fat, low-carb, high protein, busy people, even your blood type. It also tells you how roughly how many lbs you could lose up to per month of being on the diet plan, and what you'll need to buy to actually stay on the plan. LOVE THIS APP!
  • yes, I use this app too.. it's pretty cool :)
4. Noom
 You get a weight loss "coach", an interactive and personalized weight loss plan, and provides you with daily tasks to earn Noom Points. Things like reading articles, walk a certain amount of steps, do a 20 minute exercise, eat more veggies etc. Has activity reminders, plus easy and convenient food and exercise logging. Every day you'll receive daily food and exercise tasks to keep your program fun and different.

5.  Gym Pact
This app is pretty cool, but for the VERY dedicated. It lets you make a pact with the apps community of users and If you keep up you can earn money, and if you don't then you owe money. It's almost impossible to cheat. The app uses GPS software to know if you're check-in at the gym is legit or if your actually at home being a couch potato. BUT no worries if you don't have a gym you can track through RunKeeper, and this app also lets you sync with the Jawbone UP wristband and you get a bonus workout if you complete your 10,000 steps per day by the end of the day. So put your money where your mouth is. I'd rather work out for 30 minutes a day than pay $5.00 :)

6. Fitness Buddy
Over 1700 exercises and over 1000 high-definition videos with detailed instructions, you may not need a personal trainer ever again. Exercises are divided into eight categories: core, lower body, chest, shoulders, back, arms, cardio, and stretches. You can quickly find your favorite workouts with a search function. Once you’ve found several exercises you like doing, you can create your own customized workout. The app also keeps track of your weight and measurements so you can see how much your body is changing.

7. Nike+ Running
The biggest name in sports brings you a running app that promises to get you moving. The app uses your phone’s GPS and accelerometer to record the distance, pace, and time of each run. It tells you when you’ve completed each mile, and you can sync your app with your Facebook account to get in-ear encouragement from friends monitoring your run. You can even join group runs, even if your friends are running somewhere else entirely, and you can group chat to motivate one another as you go along.
If you’re looking for new running routes, you can sync your account to the Nike+ website and find routes other Nike+ users run in your area.

8. Jefit
Strength-training stars, this one’s for you. Create a profile and enter your current stats: your weight and how much you can lift. Set a goal for yourself or pick a workout based on your fitness goal, such as “Building Your Beach Body.” The app selects a workout routine and tells you the number of sets, reps, and how much weight you should use. It also has a built in rest period. If you don’t understand an exercise, the app has detailed photos for each exercise in the workouts.

9. Daily Burn
You can get the feel of a fitness class with the convenience of a portable device with this app. DailyBurn shares a collection of workout videos right on your iPhone. It’s not just cardio; this app has workouts for strength, yoga, kickboxing, abs, mobility, core, metabolic conditioning, and stretching. You don’t need to be a top-notch athlete either. Beginners will find plenty of workouts suited to their fitness level, too.The app tracks and displays how many calories you’ve burned during your workout, and it can help you boost your performance and encourage you to push through the toughest parts of the workouts.
10. Jillian Michaels Slim-Down
Oh Jillian, the wonderful Jillian we've all come to love and hate for shredding our stomachs and toning our thighs. She's done it all now. This app is free to download, but to actually really fully use anything on it, you'll have to upgrade.
For free you get fat-burning exercises, step-by-step videos, calorie counter, and food and fitness journal, recipes, sample meal plans, sample fitness plans, bar code scanner, daily tips from Jillian, weight tracker [ iPhone only, sorry androids :( ]

If you subscribe [ $3.99/week, $15 a month ]

Walk & run tracker with voice messages from Jillian tracking your steps, distance, speed, and calories burned. Personalized fitness plan with custom exercises and workouts based on your body type and goals. Customized meal plans with recipes, 170 exercise all with easy to follow video instructions, 1000+ metabolism boosting recipes, Membership to where your app will completely sync with the website and you’ll get unlimited access to 100s more recipes, diet tips, exercise advice, workouts, fitness advice videos, custom meal plans, a meal planner, food journal, menu guides, calorie counter, interactive weight tracker, weight-loss buddies, wellness tools, etc.

One of my friends from Noom used it and said it was fantastic, meanwhile if you subscribe to Lose it! for 1 year it's $35.00, and you get all that including too. Well it's all trial and error, so have fun eating healthy, burning fat, building muscle, and swimming in sweat, may you always reach your goals :D

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