Tuesday, 12 November 2013

HOW TO: Get Crayon Off A Painted Wall

It was that time of the day where my kids get a little rambunctious before lunch time and are fighting with each other, throwing toys, and causing havoc in the living room, not even paying attention to the cartoons on TV either. Out come the coloring books and crayons. They seem to always make for good quiet time and they both enjoy sitting on the floor or at our coffee table and doodling away :) I had to buy those crayola twist crayons as they both love to eat the tips of markers, eat whole crayons so there poop is multicolored for days, and chew the ends off of colored pencils.

I leave them to their business while I go prep lunch, and when I come back my wall had been destroyed with doodles. Then your thinking. Crap. Crayon is NOT the easiest to get off walls. I've gotten pencil off my walls with a little all purpose cleaner and a sponge. Marker basically the same deal. Crayon. WHOLE different story...

I tried all purpose cleaner and a sponge. A soft bristle brush and some powder cleaner. Baking soda. Vinegar. You name it, I tried it and nothing budged. I was getting flustered when I came across an odd idea.

Toothpaste, like crest but not gel, just the regular white paste, and a toothbrush or bristled scrub brush. Within 5 minutes of small circle motions, EVERYTHING was gone, not a mark was left on my wall. AND my wall looked 10x cleaner as well. I am so surprised I really wish I took a before and after picture, If i had known the difference would be incredible. So next time you get crayon markings on your wall, or any kind of scuff mark I'm thinking at this point, USE TOOTHPASTE! You won't be disappointed, guaranteed!

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