Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Momma Monday: Potty Training In THREE Days! (18month+)

It's come to that stage. We've gone through all the major hurdles of teaching our kids many things such as how to fall asleep and stay asleep by themselves, no more rocking them to sleep until your arms fall off or you end up nodding off. How to use a utensil instead of their hands (even though this isn't a guarantee) to eat their food, and how to walk, run, and jump, and just be a crazy little toddler. But then, you are faced with.. DUN DUN DUNNNNN - Potty training.

I'm already dreading over this subject, as my 24 month old little girl, has become obsessed with the potty. I haven't started her yet, I just wanted to see if she would be comfortable sitting on the potty and every now and again I'd sit her on it for 5 minutes. Less to be said, the other night it took me almost 5 minutes to pry her little fingers off of the seat she just wanted to be on the potty that bad. So next week I'm starting the whole potty training ordeal. Woo-hoo..

I didn't even know where to start, or how to start, or even what I was supposed to be doing, usually everything your child does comes with a book or a manual, but potty training, that's a whole different question. My sister-in-law had a horrible time potty training her little girls who are now 5&3 1/2, yes they are potty trained and know how to go by themselves, flush, and wash their hands after, but it took her MONTHS and i mean like 6 - 9 months of trying to get them to go on the potty and not her living room carpet.

I was a little skeptical at first until i found this Potty Training In Three Days (18months+) IT HAS HELPED ME SO MUCHHH! I now actually feel super comfortable and determined to do this now and take the big leap out of diapers into underwear! Yes, they will have accidents and from time to time they could go into regression, but all in all, consistency is key and I know that if my daughter is already comfortable running naked around the house (for some reason my children hate clothes...) and sitting on the potty, then I'm golden! Seriously though, check out the link above, it'll reassure you that you and your child can do this! :D

On another note, she also writes about how to potty train through the night, and tips to make it work :)

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