Wednesday, 18 September 2013

How to Bake A Flat Cake

I am getting to the stage of being an everyday baker. I love to bake ALL the time, and it's probably why I have such a hard time losing weight is that I'm usually the one who finishes eating all the delicious treats I spend hours making :( haha ugh..

But as every baker knows, we all run into the same problem with making cakes - the dome cake. I've done everything known to man kind to get rid of the dome cake so far a few things have worked or have slightly lowered it instead of being this huge bulbous dome on top of one of my pretty little cakes. Or if that doesn't work, the good old just cut off the top with a knife, but then you could chance it and get a slanted cake top. I'll take dome over slanted any day haha

Until today I came across this today! MY LIFE SAVER! <3 This woman is a GENIUS!
Amanda Rettke from I am Baker gives a detailed tutorial on how to eliminate the dome cake! Give it a shot, and happy baking everyone!

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