Thursday, 5 September 2013

Halloween Subway Art!

Halloween is coming! I am SO excited. It has to be one of my favorite holidays ever. It's so much fun to dress up, dress your kids up and take them out trick or treating, decorate your house, carve pumpkins, create baked goodies ALL month and get fat, and most of all, FREE candy! Now who would say no to that? A lunatic that's who. haha

I'm also a huge Halloween fan, so don't be surprised If after this I have a gazillion more Halloween themed posts filled with recipes, crafts, diy, decorations, pumpkin carvings and more :) I gave you a warning, so you can cut me some slack :)

I used to search the web every year and find awesome subway art to decorate my house with as it always looked nice in a frame, with a wreath, and some nice orange and black candles with purple lace around it and small little pumpkins and gourds ( I get carried away with decorating for special holidays ) and this year i'm like, "why don't I just make my own?!" I'm creative enough.. I CAN DO THIS! :D so, after a good day spent going crazy on my MS-paint & word program (PFFSSHH who needs Photoshop, i got mad skills!) I came out with these, I hope you enjoy and have inspired you to do the same! :D Happy Halloween Everyone!

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