Sunday, 25 August 2013

DIY Polymer Clay Pretzel Pendent Tutorial

My sister and I have a slight obsession with pretzels, i don't know why, but we just do. That and peanut butter, but we'll get to that later. I saw these on the internet just looking up cool accessories and i'm like, "holy crap" i could make these myself, and A LOT of them. I'm a big DIY'r, anything you can do yourself and save you money, it's golden. Now i searched around and couldn't find an actual tutorial on how to do these, and I would use my camera but it doesn't have video so it'd be in still frame and it's low on battery so it's charging right now but i'll post pictures later, and once I find the rest of my polymer clay and bedazzler gems, we'll be good to go! But for now i'll just explain what i did the first time when i did this months ago. A lot of my stuff now is still in boxes as we just did a huge move :) thanks for your patience :)

You Will Need:
- wax paper-
- polymer clay (any color you wish)
- gems
- necklace kit (or just an extra chain with an undooable loop to attach the pendent to the necklace)
- oven preheated at 275

start out my warming up your clay just break off a huge chunk and start rolling and kneading it around in your hands for about 5 minutes. It's easier to work with when it's been warmed up. This also gives you a chance to add stuff to your clay, like if you want to make it tri-colored and what not. I added a bit of glitter to mine so it had a nice shine to it when light hit it :) I also secretly have a huge obsession with glitter..

This step is completely up to you on how big you want your actual pendent to be and how thick depends on how much you will need, i broke off about 1/2 - 3/4 of the polymer (mine were in small bricks) 

start rolling your clay into a snake or "sausage" ON the wax paper as it will stick to your table like mine had done and was stuck there for like the next 2 weeks.. awesome. keep rolling it out till you find the right thickness you are satisfied with.

make the shape of the pretzel. I found this to be quite tricky considering if you made it too small, when you twisted the middle mine kept breaking, that's why I had to go back and make it thicker a bunch of times. TRIAL AND ERROR! as i always say :) Alright, try and make this a loose design don't try and push it together so it won't come apart or you'll leave dirty fingerprints all over it and it'll just look weird. 

once you've completed the task of making your actual pretzel, it's time to bling it out! The gem i used was slightly bigger than the one in the photo above, but that's just how I roll, like a boss! But you don't want it too big that all people notice is "geeze, look at the size of that gem on that pretzel!" see it even sounds weird, so, just don't do it haha

CAREFULLY take your clay pretzel and move it onto a baking sheet. Word of advice: it's best to use one that is like a throw away, or one baking sheet strictly dedicated to polymer crafts. You don't want clay to touch where your food goes either. Gross. Alright, now put it in the oven (preheated to 275) and bake for about 15 minutes. Check the back of the box your clay came in, as some clay brands have different bake times. Once there done, let them dry COMPLETELY. Meaning after 5 minutes don't pick it up with your hands because it'll still be soft and it'll break and you'll be back at step 1, or it could potentially still be quite hot and get a burn. 

this step is optional, if you want to add anything else to it, add a glaze to give it a nice sheen if you do not like the matte look. Have fun with this as you can make any type of pendent out of clay you just have to get creative with it. Happy Crafting!

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